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learning × combination × suitable for TV AMP Products Color Silver Product g.w. 62.3G Power 2*AA Material process ABS Product Dimensions 17*4.8*2.8CM Carton Dimensions 48.5*38.5*55.1CM CARTON G.W. 14.35KG
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"Model RM-139EX is an all-purpose TV remote controller with unique new external design.
The product has been designed with intelligent digital brand searching mode and new point-to-point brand mode and it can be used for controlling all (or most) of the TV sets for scores of well-known brands with no need for setting, which satisfies the needs of various consumers.
It is suitable for use with almost all models of TV sets, to include old models, new models, overseas models, obscure models, etc. This product has 39 press keys and the frequently used function keys have been completely upgraded (channel selection,
exchange, picture in picture and image).
This remote controller is a user-friendly product and has perfectly combined aesthetics with technology which fully exhibits the comfortable hand-hold profile. It is the best choice for replacing your damaged and lost TV remote controllers and can facilitate more convenience to your life. "