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learning × combination × suitable for DVD Products Color Silver Product g.w. 76.1 (G) Power 2×AAA Material process ABS Product Dimensions 14.5×4.8×1.8 (CM) Packing Dimensions 24.5×8×3.3 (CM) Carton Dimensions 71×39×55 (CM) ---200PCS CARTON G.W. 19.3 (KG)
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This remote control is manufactured based on the functions of original remote controls of major brands. It can easily operate DVD equipment. of nearly all brands and of different manufacturing years in the market.
  • Commonly used and exclusive function keys for all new types of DVD equipment are built in the remote control.
  • Adoption of fast and easy compatibility matching.
  • Smart remembering function, no-need setting advantage after changing battery.
  • Comfortable handheld shape.
  • Cloud technologies & a super code base.
  • Delicate techniques; bargaining price; long-lasting product life.
Key words : Star Series
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